A New Milestone    Rich3-300x271                                                          Click here to See Video Our Newst Press

The day finally arrived… our newest press is delivered and is up & running. I know it’s a piece of equipment to most, but to us… it’s continued growth, progress, ability to meet our customer’s needs quicker, more efficiently.

You see the equipment the vehicle that allows us to serve our customers and provide them with the highest quality, best service, and faster turn-around. They can count on us to get it done when they need it done.

The manufacturer is Heidelberg – the world’s premier printing manufacture.

Our craftsmanship is top notch – our pressman individualy have decades of experience, Brian, our owner, started running a press at the age of 16 – he has run a press for over 25 years. Rich, started right of high school and has been with us for over nine years.

We view our customers as partners and strive to work hand -in-hand with them to produce the image they are looking for.